Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.



Quotes have a purpose in life. I don’t believe people have dreams because of money and to be famous. For me the real reason of this why people dream because god gave us reason to dream and pursue our dreams.

Our tasks to do good things and share our blessings with others. Even small things we can share like to show kindness. I want to show that I can do it and never give up in life. Believe in yourself that you can achieve it.





  • Go out and try to walk outside not only inside of the four corners at home.
  • Take some fresh air and embrace the sunshine.
  • Learn to see good and nice places.
  • Don’t be lazy to go out.
  • When you go out you can get good ideas on how to improve your life.
  • I know life is so many ups and down.
  • Nothing happens when you only sit at home.
  • Don’t forget to be happy and learn to smile.
  • Never be affected with the people who bring you down.
  • Forgive them and move on. Stand up and be brave enough to face the life.


  • Don’t be sad if you don’t succeed.
  • Learn from your mistakes and find a way to make it right again.
  • It’s not final destination and it’s not too late to start again and think you can be successful maybe not now but tomorrow if you work with your dreams.
  • We have so many choices, it is up to you to choose what road you choose to be successful in life.


Words to remember:

source of my Deutsch- english dict.cc



adventurousness – Abenteuergeist

adventurous journey – Abenteuerliche Reise

attraction – Attraktion

breakfast buffet – Frühstückbüffet

Bon voyage – Gute Reise

capture – einfangen

challenge – Herausforderung

coach – Reisebus

cruising speed – Reisegeschwindigkeit

Did you have a good trip? – Hattest du eine gute Reise?

distant – entfernt

Enjoy your trip – Schöne Reise

erfarhrener Segler – experienced sailor

exciting experience – Abenteuererlebnis

freelancer – Freiberufler/in

He likes adventure – Er mag Abenteuer


Have a safe trip – Gute Reise

hiker – Wanderer

I hope you had a nice trip – Ich hoffe, du hattest eine gute Reise.

I love trips – Ich liebe Reisen

I wish you a pleasant voyage – Ich wünsche Ihnen eine gute Reise.

journey – Reise

journey prayer – Reisegebet

Life is full of adventure– Das Leben ist voller Abenteuer

make a journey – Reise machen

passionate yatchsman – leidenschaftlicher Segler

relaxed – entspannt

sail – Segel

seawaves – Meereswellen

spectacular – spektakulär, eindrucksvoll


to capture ideas – Ideen erfassen

transport document – Reisedokument

travel agency – Reisebüro

travel agent – Reisefachmann

travelable – reisebar

travel cost – Reisekosten

travel destination – Reiseziel

travel impression – Reiseeindrücke

travelling allowance -Reisekostenentschädigung

travel companion -Reisebegleiter

travel journey – Reisebericht

travelling – Reisen

travelling kit – Reiseausrüstung

traveling season – Reisezeit

travelogue – Reisebeschreibung

tour guide – Reiseführer

sound of the waves-Wellenrausche

voyage – Seereise

wave – Welle


Where: Salzgitter, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Population: 103,668 estimate as of (2016).


  • I like to explore many things here of course to know the history of the place where I live now.
  • That’s the reason why I want to walk outside and enjoy the springtime. I want to learn the language, it’s difficult to communicate to other people. but I keep on interacting with other people.
  • Like going to mall buy some what we need at home and to get appointments with the doctor and go to the dentist.
  • German language is difficult but if you don’t try to go out and learn outside and talk to other people.
  • If you don’t use the vocabulary it’s useless. When you ride the bus you need to learn simple vocabulary when you buy the ticket.
  • When you go out use your basic german language you gain more confidence. Honestly, it’s not easy but I tried my best 🙂

Have you tried to learn foreign language? How many languages did you know? How you learn or what’s the best thing to make it, absorb in your brain. Can you give me some tips?

Hope your doing good. wish you all the best and never forget to smile. Life is wonderful.



  1. The photos here remind me a of a little pond that we have here locally. It’s so fun to sit on a bench and watch the birds come in or enjoy the fountains as the sun goes down. 🙂 Makes for some great memories!

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  2. LOVE the quotes and the swans are beautiful! I never have mastered a foreign language but I’m trying to learn German 🙂

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  3. I like the combination of inspirational quotes and photos of peaceful swans on the lake. I think the Churchill quote is my favorite. Personally I speak two languages fluently (English and French) and I speak and read Japanese but very badly. It was easy for me to learn French because I started studying as a child and I use it every day at work. With language, practice makes perfect!

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    • thats nice you know other language, but more easy for you to speak other language because you start it when your young. thanky for sharing your experience..


  4. Very inspirational post, and I love the quotes. They’re motivating.

    I speak Spanish, Catalán and Italian in addition to my native English. I just don’t ask why and just accept grammar makes no sense. Good luck with your foreign language endeavours!

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    • Thank you for visiting my blog, German language I felt difficult. Some Spanish words we used in Philippines. I know some of it. That’s good you know different foreign language. I wish I can visit Spain too.

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