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  1. One of the oldest City in Lower, Saxony Germany. They  called this place is hildesheim.
  2. You can check in wikipedia for the english version.
  3.   I love Hildesheim you can see so many old buildings.
  4. What is your experience in Germany? Do you like old buildings or churches too?
  5. We love to visit again in Hildesheim and want to see more.
  6. I used my iPad a little  bit dark if you took a photo in winter, that’s my experience about Hildesheim.
  7. I want to go to different places here in Germany without spending much money, you don’t need to spend so much money to travel.  How about you? Did you spend so much money when you travel to the different places?

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  1.  This place in the center of the hildesheim near the city hall or rathaus.
  2. Have restaurant, bank, Tempelhaus, bakery, if you want to drink coffee in a cold weather. We drink a coffee in a restaurant called Knochenhaueramtshaus.
  3. They have a market for fruits and vegetables and some sausage, in front of  the city hall.
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Basilica St. Godehard


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Market square

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          The City Hall is one of the oldest city halls in Germany.

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“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” George Sand

  See you soon in my next destination and I’m happy to share about my travel. Always think positive that you can do it no matter what. If you really want something you will find a way. Learning the culture and history of the different places it’s also an education to yourself. Not all the things you will learn only by reading but also to visit the places and experience it. It’s easy to search on the internet but if you have a chance to visit why not? For me by visiting different places is like learning about the history. I hope you like it and I want to hear about your travel too.

Words to remember:

English- Deutsch

ambiguity – Zweideutigkeit

demanding customers – anspruchsvolle Kunden

demanding task – anspruchsvolle Aufgabe

elaborateness – ausführliche Behandlung

full description – ausführliche Beschreibung

hide – verbergen

incompetence – Unfähigkeit

incomprehensible – unbegreiflich

individual – individuell

imbalance – die Gleichgewichtsstörung

like-minded – gleichgesinnt

male – only – ausschließlich männlich

non- exclusive – nicht ausschließlich

rid – befreien

sense of balance – der Gleichgewichtssinn

shake – schütteln

solely oriented – ausschließlich orientiert

to bite – stechen

to click – knacken

to exchange greetings – Grußworte tauschen

to execute – vollführen

to get hopelessly lost – such heillos verirren

to go riding – spazieren reiten

to lose one’s way – such verirren



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  1. Very pretty! I’ve never been to Germany, but I’d love to go someday! It’s on my traveling bucket list. 🙂 Hubby and I are thinking of going the end of this year but like you, we don’t want to spend too much. Great pictures, thank you for sharing.

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