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  • I visited this place in Wrisbergholzen, between Hildesheim and Alfeld. There are two village Westfield and Wrisbergholzen but they belong to Sibesse.
  • We visited here with my husband and together with the friends of my husband. First we go to Evangelical church, they called it St. Martin’s church.
  • They have baroque and still preserved the church until now. Next we go to Faiences Factory what I heard and read some that’s a factory from porcelain plates and different kinds of thing they produced in that factory, they have renovated the building with timbered wood.
  • Then we look inside the Wrisbergholzen Schloss or castle, we went inside the castle, but they have the tiles walls with different language they used to write on the tiles, have French, Italian, Spanish, Latin.
  • They have dinner tables and still artistic the tiles on the wall, but they start to renovate the castle to preserved that. The Wrisbergholzen is located in lower Saxony, Germany.
  • June and September is open for visitors, if you want to visit but it needs an appointment before you visit. It’s a small village with a small population people living here. I’ve seen have horses too.

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I read in Wikipedia about the history that’s a castle before and a porcelain factory.

I’m happy to share my adventure and my travel destination. Do you liWrisbergholzen churches?

What’s your favorite season to travel? Winter, summer, spring, Autumn?


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