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This place is from Mall of Asia

SM Mall of Asia also abbreviated as SM MOA is a shopping mall in Bay City, Pasay, Philippines, near the SM Central Business Park, the Manila Bay, and the southern end of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA).

  • I love to take pictures the clouds, blue sky and rainbow.
  • I like to take pictures of lots of things and enjoying every minute of our lives.
  • I might take a picture of statues,museums, doors, flowers by the side of the road, an old sign or a fence.
  • Life is like a picture full of trials, happy moments, laughing, adventures, sweet memories.
  • Luxury is anything that feels special. I think luxury doesn’t mean necessarily have to mean expensive, as long as your happy and contented in life.
  • You can go to different places without spending so much money and you learn something.
  • It can be a moment with your family or love one’s, it can be on the beach and enjoying the sunny day, it could be a kiss from your child, husband.
  • As long your happy and enjoy the life you have and of course dream big because it’s free.


  • For me , a picture is like poetry. When you take a picture this is not coming from an intellectual place. It’s an idea.
  • It’s coming from the deep side your unconscious, your soul and talent.
  • If you focus on the smallest details, you never get the pictures rights. You only need to take anything you want, what’s the best for you.
  • Same like in life if you focus on negative, what other people said you can’t move forward.
  • Look at the bright side not always on the bad side of the person.


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I and my friend, bonding moment in mall of Asia. When were in hongkong, after our work we spent time together, visit some nice place in hongkong, enjoying the nature or we eat in a restaurant or we seat inside the apple store in hongkong IFC mall. That’s our meeting place every weekend.

After my contract in hongkong I go back in Philippines and we meet again, we went to Gerry grills and eat some, and window shopping in mall of Asia, and taking pictures.

We don’t spend much money, just talking and looking through the window of shopping mall. Better save your money than be impulsive buyer.

Same in hongkong, we visited different malls, tourist spot, and natures adventure together.

That’s our relaxing time after the working days.

How you spend your time with your friends?

Did you go window shopping or ?or just talking each other?

How often you meet your friends?

Do you have any contact or just only in mobile?

Do you like to spending time with your friends or family?

Do you like to go out or just stay at home?

We have different likes and dislikes but we understand each other, we respect and support.

Even if we don’t see each other , but if we have time, we ever meet and talking to each other.

I don’t have so many friends, I can say a few friend, I have contact.

We likes adventures, anything never been visited or never try to eat, we try and explore the place.

I hope you like our adventure.











I’m happy to share my life and thank you for visiting my post.

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