Happy Mother’s Day

What is Mother?

Mothers are females who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring. Thus, dependent on the context, females can be considered mothers by virtue of having given birth, by raising their child(ren), supplying their ovum for fertilisation, or some combination thereof. Such conditions provide a way of delineating the concept of motherhood, or the state of being a mother. Females who meet the third and first categories usually fall under the terms ‘birth mother’ or ‘biological mother’, regardless of whether the individual in question goes on to parent their child. Accordingly, a female who meets only the second condition may be considered an adoptive mother, and those who meet only the third a surrogacy mother.

Being a mother I know it’s not easy there’re so many ups and downs but be strong and I know you can do it.

To all the mother there who feel pain always remember there’s a rainbow after the rain. Think positive and believe in yourself. To all the children there always love your mother no matter what.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother and Keep in mind your the best mom in the world. Don’t forget your mom to greet Happy mother’s day. A simple message can brighten their day’s and make them happy and smile.

From Joy’s Travel, I wish you Happy mother’s day or Muttertag in german.

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