My experience to travel from Dumaguete to Cebu.

I’ve travel alone and my first time to come to this place dumaguete and of course and i dont know really exactly the place only my families told me that i ride a Multicab from Dumaguete airport going to Sibulan Port only 10 pesos i pay.  When i arrived in Sibulan Port i buy a ticket going to Liloan, Cebu.







Liloan Cebu


Liloan Cebu11230218_437424929799931_8893775413596314464_n

Maayo Shipping from sibulan port dumaguete


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Panoramic view from cebu12004859_439059112969846_7695762091983180070_n




Skyline of the Port of Dumaguete

Samboan is a fifth income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines, 150 kilometres (93 mi) south of Cebu City. Samboan is known for its beautiful crystal clear waters with a rich marine ecosystem along its coastal barangays.I like the beach of Cebu it’s like crystal clear and the blue skies and green trees.


from the hill you can see the beach, I ride the motorcycle going to camburoy. The transportation is only motorcycle. But the weather near the beach is more hot than on the hills.


Never be afraid to travel alone. If you don’t know the place better ask. But I want to explore  more in Cebu in the future, I heard there’s so many places you can visit. You don’t need to spend much money.

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