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What to do ? Dumaguete to Cebu


  1. I rode a multicab from Dumaguete airport to Sibulan port for 10 pesos i paid, around 10-15 minutes.
  2. Sibulan port i bought a ticket for ferry or Fastcraft going  to liloan Cebu around 20-30 minutes, it depends on the weather but mostly it’s fast.
  3. I’ve travelled alone and it was first time to came to this place.
  4. I went to Cebu to visit my father and also my relatives.
  5. Going to liloan there’s so many people to ride the Mayo shipping and fastcrafts. When i go back to dumaguete from cebu, i rode in santander port but im waiting but no other passenger but only me, and other worker from the ferry.
  6. Even if  there’s no so much passenger, the fastcraft will go in exact time. That’s really great you don’t need to wait.
  7. I went to camburoy Cebu, it’s like a mountain and i rode with the Habal-Habal or a single motor. Only that is the mode of transportation. Some multicab can drive there but a few i’ve seen there.
  8. When you go down there you can see the beautiful beach.



My grandparents house —Now only my aunt live there she’s single other sister’s and brother’s have their own house
This is the view you can see if your riding the motor from the top of the mountain hehe so adventurous. Blue skies and green trees and so quite.
Here is the small port where i rode the fastcraft alone. No other passenger who joined with me. Maybe i rode not in rush hour.


This is a Transient in the near Sibulan Port, while waiting for my flight to Manila. I slept here in this transient around 300-400 pesos in my budget to find a room to stay before i fly to manila.


  • Samboan is in the province of Cebu, Philippines, 150 kilometres(93mi) south of cebu city.
  • Samboan is known for its beautiful white beach, clean waters with a rich in marine ecosystem.
  • If you go to camburoy Cebu, you can see on the top of the mountain the beautiful beach.
  • Never be afraid to travel alone, it’s very friendly people who live there.
  • But better not so late to travel there, the motor and tricycle and ferries is not around the clock .

If you have experiences to travel and suggestion or comments you can write to me.






  1. I agree that it’s important to be comfortable traveling alone! I have traveled alone on six continents! Your photos are completely gorgeous! I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle but I would really like to go to this place somehow!

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